Cancer Scholarships and Grants

Cancer patients and their families experience a number of financial stresses related to their illness, medical, transportation, and care-giving costs in lost work time. There are agencies and foundations to provide support for medication costs and some supplies, but it often takes a savvy and committed patient to advocate for these service. Did I mention perseverent?

There are grants for living expenses, medical expenses and even fertility treatment. More common are education scholarships. Some are listed below.

Scholarships/Grants for Children with Cancer/Life Threatening Condition

Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation-Foundation offers financial assistance to single parents of chronically ill children referred by social workers, and an annual award from an Essay submission to young recipients (usually age 12-21) facing a life threatening illness. See Foundation website for current information.

Cancer for College awards scholarships to current and former cancer patients who are currently attending either a four year accredited university, junior college and/or graduate school.Scholarships applicants must already be accepted to a university and/or attending a junior college. Scholarship amounts vary, ranging from $100 one time scholarships to four year perpetual scholarships of larger dollar amounts.

Carolyn’s Compassionate Children Awards college scholarships in the amout of $1000.00 each to survivors of childhood cancer.

FinAid This page contains information about scholarships for cancer patients, cancer survivors, children of a cancer patient or survivor, students who lost a parent to cancer, and students pursuing careers in cancer treatment.

Friends of Scott Offers a $500 scholarship to college to cancer patient/cancer survivor. Also provides meals and transportation services for children in cancer treatment.

Kyle Lee Foundation College Scholarships for Childhood Cancer Survivors, especially Ewings Sarcoma

Michael A Hunter Memorial Scholarship leukemia or lymphoma patients and/or are children of non-surviving leukemia or lymphoma patients

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation-Offers scholarships for college students who have cancer and plan to continue their education. Essay required.

Nicki Leach Foundation-Provides grants/monies for cancer patients ages 16-25 opportunity to enjoy normal or unusual activities they might otherwise not be able to afford by providing them necessary funding which might include car expenses, clothing, hair or makeup costs as well as special funding that might include the purchase of a special trip, a camera, computer or cell phone.

Patient Advocate Foundation Scholarships for individuals that have or have had cancer or been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and are under the age of 25

Ryan Mullaly Second Chance Fund Scholarships to College bound cancer survivors 22 years and younger who underwent radiation/chemotherapy for cancer while in high school.

The Ulman Fund Scholarships for cancer survivors or children who have lost a parent to cancer.

Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation Scholarships for post high school education are made available to brain tumor patients/survivors and/or children of brain tumor patients/survivors to enable them to pursue educational programs at accredited four-year colleges and universities, two-year colleges, vocational-technical schools or other institutions of higher learning.

Working Against Cancer’s Survival Scholarship Program assists young adult cancer survivors (ages 30 yrs and under) by providing awards toward academic and vocational education

Grants for Adult Cancer Patients

Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund (BMCF) supports patients ages 18-40 as they undergo cancer treatment. It provides services to meet daily needs that are not covered by insurance. Typical grants measure $600 and include co-payments, rent and mortgage, transportation, car insurance, repairs, and groceries.

The Sam Fund -Non-profit organization that provides grants and scholarships to young adult survivors of cancer for a variety of expenses- school, jobs, etc.

Breast Cancer Survivors Breast Cancer Survivors is a non-profit organization that provides temporary financial assistance to individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer who are unable to meet their basic living expenses due to the impact of their disease. BCS currently helps individuals in selected areas in Southern California ONLY. If you live outside Southern California, we suggest contacting your local Susan G. Komen Foundation for possible resources in your area.


Cancer Fund of America will send products- nutrient drinks, diapers, gloves- to cancer patients who fill out one page application, with doctor completing part of page.

The Sarcoma Alliance Financial Assistance for patients diagnosed with sarcoma cancers( child and adult) in the form of $1000.00 grants/stipends. Download application online.

One Step At A Time-Offers scholarships to send kids with a cancer diagnosis to camp.

46 thoughts on “Cancer Scholarships and Grants

  1. terri arthur

    I am a mom who has been battling osteosarcoma since oct. 2006. I have 2 children, Max 17 & Alex 14. I have been surviving against all odds. Traditional treatments have failed me and are no longer an option so I have been forced to fight on my own. Insurance has not covered treatments that have given relief from pain & kept me going. I have had to use whatever money including college money to finance my survival effort. I am disappointed that there is not a lot of support out there for parents living with cancer or I have not been able to find it. Can you help me find some assistance specific to college assistance for my son. I don’t want him to have to give up his dream just because I became ill. He’s as special young man & I want him to be able to live up to his potential. Thank you for your kind assistance.
    With hope,
    terri arthur

    1. admin Post author

      Terri, there are some scholarships out there for college students who have parents with cancer. I would recommend registering with a free scholarship search engine like Set up a different e-mail account, you will get a lot of email. In the profile page there are options for each individual to fill out, one of them being whether they are a cancer survivor or child of a cancer survivor. Depending on the year he is likely to enter college, scholarships will be found based on his criteria.

      Also, I would call the patient advocate foundation, they are helpful. Advocacy is time consuming. The links I posted on my site have been tested by many. Many Blessings, Lisa

  2. Erica DeJong

    Having reviewed your scholarship information, I am writing to obtain some additional information. I am a second semester freshman at Macalester College. I am a student-athlete and have an elder sister who is graduating this spring from Pomona college in Neuro-science, and plans to work at the National Institute of Health for two years in cancer research to save money for medical school. My younger sister is a junior in high school and is actively researching college and scholarship opportunities so that she can help support her college cost.

    My father was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 16 years of age. He had surgery to resect massive tumors in his right and left frontal lobes and in his corpus collosum. An accomplished employee at Microsoft, he went through radiation and subsequent chemo-therapy protocols while continuing to work to support our family. This past summer, he had recurrent tumors appear on his frontal lobe, and facing surgery, lost his job at Microsoft. As a result, he actively pursued a new employment opportunity to help support our family and future educational needs. My parents had planned to save all stock options to pay for our college and post graduate work, but the stock was lost when my father had to leave employment at Microsoft.

    My father is currently employed at World Vision. While his salary dropped to a fraction of his former, my mom- a former Speech Language Pathologist, went back to college to get her administrative credentials while raising three active and educationally driven daughters. Together, they work and take advantage of every opportunity to pay for our college and family expenses.

    I am looking for scholarship opportunities for the 2010-11 school year. My father is on rigorous chemotherapy protocols, and faces life with great challenges. While I would not wish cancer on any family, we have been blessed with many silver linings and will continue to walk the journey holding the hands of each family member.
    I look forward to obtaining information on the procedure of application and advice on this and other scholarship opportunities.

    Thank You,
    Erica DeJong

  3. Lisa

    Erica, There are many scholarships availaible. I think one of the best ways is to register with a search engine like fastweb (definitely, definitely use a separate e-mail) and fill out a profile completely. There will be a place to enter information about having a parent with cancer. The search engine will send you available scholarships.

    I would then contact the Patient Advocate Foundation, link above- and they may have additional help.

    Lastly you can try searching the specific name of the cancer your father has with the term scholarship and see if there are any specific scholarships available.

    It does take some work, be methodical and just try each one. I honestly believe the money is out there but you need to be diligent. And when the scholarship offers come in- filling each one out can be a chore- but all the money adds up.

    Take care.

    Lisa Riggs

  4. jennifer

    I am wondering if there are scholarships for parents of children with cancer……I havnt been able to find one yet, but any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. Toby & Lucy West

    My daughter Marci was a 14-year-old freshman when she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain cancer. She underwent emergency brain surgery hours after the initial diagnosis to remove the tumor.
    Marci survived the surgery with paralysis to the right side of her body and was kept in intensive care for eight days. On the ninth day, she was placed in the oncology unit, where a nurse came to speak to her about another procedure she would need. It would be the placement of a medical port that would aid in any blood work, medicine infusion, etc; it would provide numerous uses throughout her treatment. On day 10, she goes home. On day 11, she turns 15.

    Marci begins treatment; she is given the most aggressive chemotherapy and radiation a person of her age and health is allowed. She endures numerous blood and platelet transfusions, neupogen shots to help boost her dwindling immune system, neuropathy (nerve damage that becomes chronic leg pain) and atrophy (muscle loss) to her ankles, which makes her susceptible to painful spills if she doesn’t remind herself to lift her feet.

    She has corrective eye surgery to diminish the palsy to her face. She has hair loss, hearing loss, vision loss and short-term memory loss. She has second-degree burns to her head and spine from the radiation, and she has weight loss so severe it warranted us having to tube-feed her.

    Throughout this horrific, pain-wracked time, Marci is adamant that her academics not suffer. She is assigned a homebound teacher who brings her assignments, tutors her and is in awe of her perseverance and determination.

    As we travel back and forth to the hospital for treatment, her books and schoolwork come with us. As the chemotherapy, transfusions and medicines course through her tired little body, we read, we work. She is pale, nauseous, fevered, vomiting and at death’s door, but her schoolwork does not suffer.

    Finally, she is ready to return to high school. Fear and trepidation accompany her. Anxiety threatens to overwhelm her. She does not allow it — she is not a quitter. She lifts her head, her heart and her spirit and puts one foot in front of the other. She goes to summer school, morning tutoring, after-school tutoring and Saturday school. She gives all. Fatigue and chronic pain are her daily accompaniments, but she does not complain — she lives.

    Marci not only caught up, but excelled. As the vice president of the National Honor Society and the prom queen, she graduated June 5, with academic distinction, cum laude.

    Cancer placed limitations on Marci, but she did not let cancer limit her. She crossed that graduation stage for all of her fallen heroes who did not get the second chance she did. She proudly bore the Little Hero Medals around her neck with her NHS adornment and walked the walk of life’s lessons — those that do not come from within the walls of a school room or from within a book, but come instead from the brutality of cold harsh reality.

    Marci said to us on this day, “Today I don’t need my handicapped parking permit, because today, I am not handicapped.”

    No, she is not handicapped; she is an inspiration of noble accord, she is a survivor, a hero, my daughter, her father’s daughter. She is Marci Lin West.

    Marci turned 18 in March and graduated from Southside High School. Lucinda F. West, the author of this essay, says the school was extremely helpful and calls its principal, Cynthia Trevino, a godsend. Lucinda is married to Toby L. West, owner and operator of TW’s Auto Repair in New Braunfels. She’s the mother of three daughters and “Momo” to two grandsons. She describes herself as a “member of the tired working class and a college senior.”
    ( Is there some type of grants to help complete her dream of attending Incarnet Word University of San Antonio Texas to become an Oncology Nurse, The school gave her $4000.00 a semester out of the $16,000.00
    she needs. )

  6. financial aid

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  7. L. Carme

    I met a young man who had a brain tumor successfully removed ten years ago. He would like to attend law school but is convinced that he cannot ever make this dream come true because he has “short term memory loss”. My questions: Are there any sources that you may refer me to that would have information on both specialized programs that may help him and fiancial aid programs that may allow for hiring a tutor to accompany him through this long process. I am a graduate of law school and would really like to see him successfully over come this fear. Thank you for any informaiton you may be able to send to me. I will relay it to him.

  8. Jennifer

    We are a family with 2 young children ages 5 and 8. I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer 2 years ago at age 39. At that time our children were 3 and 6 and we were just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with juggling work and childcare. While my husband worked seasonally, I had been the primary earner and we were planning that my husband would go back to college to get an elementary education certification potentially combined with a masters degree. As anyone who has been affected by a cancer diagnosis knows, it is financially devastating. Ours is no exception. We are finally putting the pieces back together, both children are in school, I am in remission, and we are revisiting the certification/masters issue. It is imperative that my husband be able to get a job with benefits that earns more than $11.00/hr as my freelance business has suffered greatly and also in case there comes a time I am unable to be an earner — or worse. I am looking for any scholarships that are offered to a SPOUSE of a cancer patient. Any information is appreciated.

  9. Savanna Wuenstel

    I was wondering if these scholarships pertain to just brain tumors and cancer. I did not have cancer or a brain tumor. The dostors could never find out what was wrong. I was 11 and i was a perfectly healthy child never had any problems with anything. All of a sudden one day i was playing in my room when I got a headache that lasted for about 2-3 days give or take. My forehead then slighlty swell up and my mother took me to the emergency room. My whole face then preceeded to swell up as well. I was rushed through two ct scans and an mri in less than an hour. the next morning I was having emergency brain surgery where they cut off part of my frontal lobe and a piece of bone in my forehead. they replaced the bone. I then had another brain surgery four months later then four years later at age 16. I was just wondering if there was any scholarships for this. If anyone knows anything about any please contact me at


    I am a hospice volunteer assisting a 49yr old patient who is looking for possible grants/scholorships for him or his daughter to assist with finances after his passing. Since he is unable to work he is looking for possible grants for his daughter for a future fund for her to cont. her education. His daughter is currently 15yrs old. Anyone know if any resources for this type of information??

  11. jennifer Sanchez

    Im 27 diagnosed with hodgkin lymphoma in 04 chemo radiation and finaly in 06 a bone marrow transplant. Im looking for a grant to help withfrozen embryo transfer. Please help if u can we just wana be parents

  12. Sonae Washington

    Are there scholarships/grants for children who have lost a parent to cancer (breast cancer)? I have a cousin who is in the end stages of her breast cancer. Hospice told us that it’s a matter of days. She has a son that wants to go to college next year. He has good grades, but our family doesn’t have a lot of money.
    I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone is able to provide.





    My daughter will be graduationg from high school this coming May. I was wondering if there are any scholarships out there for children of breast cancer surviviors?

    I would appreciate any help that you can give me.

    Thank You
    Vicky Terronez
    Breast Cancer Survivor
    of 16 years.

    1. Name (required)

      Hello Victoria, Congradulations on being a Breast Cancer Survivor, My Aunt who is 69 is just now under a Breast Cancer Battle herself. You can google cancer scholarships along with any type of scholarship she is interested in for her field of study. I am graduating with my Bachelors from Colorado Technical university online they have been fantatic at working with me. Good Luck to you God bless you and your family. I will be praying that a scholarship goes thru for your daughter for just the right one.

  14. Tammie

    I am happy there seem to be so much out there for young people. I am 50 yrs young. I was diagnosed with breast cancer Sep 2011. A double masectomy was my choice; and they pulled my recon at last minute. Nobody in my county of Northern Calif takes this “special breast/ovarian cancer Ins”. I spent 5 yrs taking care of my Mom with mastastesized BC. She has been gone 5 yrs. I’ve lost everything in a divorce lasting the last 4 1/2 yrs. I’ve lost everything because i wouldn’t forgive hiim for molesting his neice. I walked. My million dollar animal rescue ranch was put in foreclosure on purpose, he stopped payment on my car. He is supposed to pay me 1500 a month; our biz makes 200k a year. I can’t get the courts to enforce cntempt of court without a attorney for my spport, I am hungry alot of times. I get 800 a month on disability; I have signed up to go to a biz college in 2 weeks for 6 ms to up date my skills. I have financial aid to pay for school, but I wanted to get some money to live on and possibly buy a very cheap car. Everything out there seems to by pass my situation.
    If anybody knows anywhere I can even get a loan (he destroyed my credit) I would be happy to pay it back when I start working. I’m just looking for a small break to get me going.
    Thank You

  15. Tyler

    Hello, I am 18 and my mother died two months ago from cancer. When I was three she was diagnosed with Brain cancer and was given 6-12 months to live. She told the doctors she wanted to live to see me graduate from high school. She went into remission multiple times. Finally last year she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia caused by her radiation and chemotherapy. I spent the last month of my Senior year in the nursing home visiting with her. I was there when she died two days before my graduation. I don’t care what anyone else says, she kept her promise, she was there one way or another.

    To anyone affected by cancer… please keep fighting for those around you. Never give up hope… Ever!

  16. john

    I’m a 19 yeard old stage four lymphoma survivor are there any grants/ scholarships that apply to me your help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. HABEEB

    My brothers daughter is diagnosed as a cancer called “Ewings Sarcoma”. Tumor was develop at left hand shoulder and damaged soft tissues, bone and bone marrow and presently she is in critical stage. As per experts this can be treatable if it is localized.

    Based on the initial investigations doctors concluded that this can be treatable, however require combination of aggressive chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. This require approximately INR 1,000,000-1200,000/- (US $ 30,000/-) in next 8-9 months which is highly not affordable by us. Presently she is under treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India. I humbly request you all to pray for my little daughter she (Baby Sumaya Mahwesh) is only eight years old and I am very much confident that she will recover soon.

    Further i am belongs to middle class family and earning limited remuneration. To be honest I am not in the position to bear all these expenses that require for treatment.
    I therefore humbly appeal to your organisation to donate generously for the much needed help for a genuine cause which can not only save and give a new lease of her life.

    I am feeling embarrassment for above appeal but I am in very difficult situation and this is must to survive my brothers daughter.

    We will appreciate your help in this regards.

  18. Molly

    I’m 17 years old and lost my mom sophomore year to acute leukemia. I’m very upset that there’s another fail that I can’t fine one for leukemia but there always is some for breast cancer. Can someone help me support leukemia?

  19. Maureen

    I know a woman with a 12 year old daughter going through cancer treatments whose car is on its last leg. She lives in a rural area and must drive over 70 miles to the doctor. Her old car is badly in need of repair. They live on disability pay as she is unable to work anymore. Extended family lives too far away to help. Doyou know of anyone in or near the Gainesville Florida area who would/could repair her car for free or is there a way to get her a better used car. She tries so hard to stay positive but the stress of bills, the cancer and now a broken down vehicle is becoming overwhelming. Any help or informaiton would be appreciated. Thank you!

  20. Anonymous

    My name is Lizett and I am 17 years old and i have a mother who has breast cancer. She was diagnosed my sophomore year and it has been very difficult and challenging. I am graduating june 2012 I plan to go to college, but we have been having financial problems. I honeslty don’t have any money to pursue my education. I need help.

  21. sherry quarles

    I am starting to look for scholarship possibilities for my niece who lost her father to amniolydosis. Thank you for your advise. My younger sister, her mother, is Sally Piluras. They reside in Snohomish Washington.

  22. Diana

    My 15 year old son has been diagnose with leukemia and is currently in active chemo treatment. He would like to return to his private chatholic school in the fall.
    We current can not afford the tuition due to his illness. Are there scholarships available for these situations?

  23. Annette

    I am a Breast Cancer survivor. I have been in remission for one year.I was in the nursing program at a community college, when I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. I will reenter the program in the fall of theis, but I have very limitted funding. Is there any funding available to someone in my situation. I’m a recently married, mother of 3 adopted children and one grandchild.

  24. Jennifer

    I am looking for college grants for my daughter. In 2010 my 9 yr old son was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He just finished treatment 2 months ago. I was wondering if there were grants for siblings of childhood cancer survivors. We spent 99% of our savings on treatment and time off to care for my son. I see lots of grants for childhood cancer survivors and children who have a parent diagnosed with cancer or lost a parent to cancer, but nothing for siblings. It’s not right for her to not be able to go to college because her brother got ill! :) Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Anthony

      Hi, I came across your post as I was researching scholarships for siblings of cancer fighters/survivors. Our organization assists pedi cancer survivors go to college. Im not sure if this is too late but I would be happy to try to assist you with the college process. Feel free to email me or you can follow us on Twitter at or

      Anthony Gallonio
      Executive Director
      National GRACE Foundation

  25. Joe Satriano-Trustee-Susan Satriano Foundation

    My name is Joe Satriano and I started a tax deductible Foundation in my wife’s honor, Susan, the Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Foundation. I have aided over 300 High School students from across the nation giving out scholarships totaling a quarter of a million dollars in 7 years of the existence of the Foundation. Due to the notoriety of the work of the Foundation, this past academic year alone, it helped over 150 High School seniors. These monies are earmarked for their college education. To be eligible for the award they must be a graduating high school senior going in the fall to a college. Those are easy requirements…the third one is unfortunately the most difficult to bear. They must have a parent who has passed away of cancer, or have a parent who is presently battling it. You hear about the cancer patient, you may hear about the caregiver, but you rarely hear about the kids of parents that either have cancer or have deceased due to the disease. The Foundation has been in existence for only 6 years and the number of kids is an astounding one. Mind you, many of these kids, the “silent sufferers” would never be eligible for academic awards simply because their grades suffer as they have now have to take on responsibilities that one of their parent can no longer handle. I get lots of feed back from the kids and more than the monies they receive from the Foundation, they are very appreciative that in effect, I become their mouthpiece and they get the deserved recognition that otherwise would not be forthcoming. It is a joy to see these kids go on to college and in many cases live a dream that their stricken parent would have wanted for them. The Foundation is currently being funded from Sue’s life insurance check, donations from friends, family and local businesses.

    This is where the book I wrote “In Sickness And In Health…A Memoir Of Love” enters into the picture. EVERY penny garnered from the book sales goes to the Foundation. The book is about the 13-year battle that Susan and I had with breast cancer. It will make you laugh, cry, but most importantly, it will inspire and move one forward in their lives no matter how bad things get at times. Its message is one of hope, optimism and love. It is the story of Sue’s and my life together. We were married for 29 years and our wedding vows meant a lot to us (thus the title…by the way, I never used the word thus until a became an author!) Even though our story didn’t end the way we had hoped (Sue passed away 2005) we still managed to stay in and play the game of life at a very high level. That is the underlying theme of this book…enjoy what you have in life, friends, family, the nature around you and soak in every minute you can because no one knows what’s around life’s next corner. Sue and I were math high school teachers (yes, we actually multiplied twice in our lives). We have 2 incredibly wonderful children (born on the same day 5 years apart…lots of calculations…another math thing!) and we saw first hand the devastating effects that cancer had on our kids. If it really takes off, someday I hope to possibly aid students in similar situations from many other school districts. I am a “Mom and Pop” organization…I alone am the Foundation. So I think you can see why I need to get the word out about the book as it will give hope to those going through tragedies in life, and it will definitely help many other students to defray some of the high costs of college. Likewise, spreading the word about the work of the Foundation is essential to help it to be highly successful and continue to grow. It has already helped me by cathartically allowing me to get my feelings out…it’s a win-win-win situation.

    I do hope that you take the time the read the book and visit the web site It’s all good, especially when we can reach out and help kids. Just as one time I dreamed about helping kids through a Foundation and dreamed about writing a book, I now dream about keeping the dream alive. Thank you for reading all about it.

    Joe Satriano
    Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Foundation
    Tax ID #: 20- 6952088
    “In Sickness And In Health: A Memoir Of Love”
    Tel #: 516 603 5520

  26. civil attorney

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank a lot for posting that. I will check back to read more and recommend my coworkers about your posting

    1. Name (required)

      I am searching for scholarship or grants for children whose parents have diagnosis of breast cancer. Any information that you all can help me with will be thankfully appreciated.

  27. Bishop Percy McCray

    Hello my name is Bishop Percy McCray, my daughter has breast cancer she is a stage 4 patient and her medication cost $8,000 a month we don’t have that kind of money and she has two daughters and she has some bad days that her mother and I have help take care of the grandchildren if you can find some way to help us please . You can reach me at 504-462-0355 or email me at

  28. tabitha larson

    My 39 yr old long time bf was just told he has stage 4 throat cancer. my laptop that was keeping him busy was stolen. is there any help out there

  29. Kristian A. Parsons (male)

    To Whom it MAy Concern, I am a single male parent attending Kent State University Ashtabula Campus, I am in my 4th year RN student and am set to graduate in May of 2013, I was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic Luekema in August of 2012 and have been recieving Chemotherapy 2 days a month since 28th of November 2012. I am 51 years old and have 2 children living at home, My youngest son Jared Parsons is a senior at lakeside high school in AShtabula with a 3.51 GPA and has been accepted at Kent State Main Campus We lost his mother to lymphocytic cancer 6 years ago So in short we are searching for scholarships for students who have lost a parent to cancer and have their remaing parent diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer. If there is any scholarships you could recommend it would greatly appreciated Sincerely Mr. Kristian Parsons

  30. Kristian A. Parsons (male)

    To Whom it MAy Concern, I am a single male parent attending Kent State University Ashtabula Campus, I am in my 4th year RN student and am set to graduate in May of 2013, I was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic Luekema in August of 2012 and have been recieving Chemotherapy 2 days a month since 28th of November 2012. I am 51 years old and have 2 children living at home, My youngest son Jared Parsons is a senior at lakeside high school in AShtabula with a 3.51 GPA and has been accepted at Kent State Main Campus We lost his mother to lymphocytic cancer 6 years ago So in short we are searching for scholarships for students who have lost a parent to cancer and have their remaing parent diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer. If there is any scholarships you could recommend it would greatly appreciated Sincerely Mr. Kristian Parsons

  31. london escorts

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  32. Ellen Zohn

    I was wondering if there is any one on one support for after cancer. Jacob has had a terriable time dealing with everything in life. Fist I had cancer his Mom) THAT WAS HARD for an only child with one parent. Then Jacob also got cancer and he has missed two years of high school but wants to work hard turn it around and go to Juillard to college. Please help him educationally and emotionally. He is a great great son and works so hard, but has lost his short term memory fom the chemo, has thyroid problems and ADHD. He can do this but not alone He is turning 18 and now he is responsible for his decisions yet he is only in 10th Level in High School. He has been so depressed. I have never seen him so low. The high school is doing as much as possiable but with the after affects of chemo it is so hard for him. He has lost his short term memory, he has low thyroid and has to take blood pressure medications. He also has ADHD and that medicine changes his state of mind. Jacob was a A student, and now feel a failure, I think? He is tired all the time while the doctors adjust his medications every few months, he has missed school and is overwhelmed looking at the work which would catch him up. I need help if the Foundation does any tutoring and counseling. I have tried but waiting lists or financial levels block me getting Jacob help. Any suggestions are much appreciated

  33. Kathy Hall

    My daughter was diagnosed and treated for embryonal sarcoma. She is in remission and in college now. How would I go about identifying some scholarship opportunities for her? The cancer treatment took a toll on this single mother. Thank you.

  34. Nellie Jones

    I am writing this letter in hope of you granting me help due to death and bereavement. I lost my son was murdered on my premises on october2, 2012.
    his body was found in the back yard by my mother after begin day approximately two days. He came home from school to help me winterize the house I was away at cancer treatment center, I have been diagnosised with breast cancer, first it was ovarian I have been hospitalized please help me keep my child in college she is first of six generation in attend college My child Staja Thomas attend the Academy school of arts at present we old eight thousand one hundred and seventy thousand she can not register until that balance is paid If you can work with me to get time to find money My credit was 800 now it not 300 I’m waiting on insurance from my son murder which has been held up not sure when please help me help myself the doctor said I need to relax I cannot with this over me please help me help my child. Sadly enough I expect the insurance policy to be going to my son’s children ( my grandchildren)not me, MY son was not married never had children. Please take these mitigation circumstances into consideration, I will be returning to my home in a week Staja cannot register because I was not able to work the last 18 months I had stage three cancer with a brain tumor in head. I pray you understand please feel to call me at 720-945-0493 Thank You in advance. sometime I talk in circle..

  35. John

    Hello, I see a lot of great information out there for the siblings and children, but I am looking to see if there are any scholarships for spouses. My wife was diagnoised with Brain cancer and a tumor. the tumor was removes and the cancer seems to gone but it has taken everything we had financially to cove things both she and I need to back to school and finish.

    Any assistance would be appreciated

  36. Name Sharon

    Good evening…..I lost my husband to brain and lung cancer .I am working two jobs to keep my son in Old Dominion in Virginia. He helped care 24 hours a day for his dad and still attended school and worked any job he could fit in. Did I mention he also has Tourettes and epilepsy.He is being treated at VCU in Richmond Va. while he attends school. He has been though so much also standing by his family when his older brother was badly hurt while serving our country as a Army Ranger. I am in need of information for perhaps grants for children of parents who have died of cancer.As a teachers aid I am falling behind in money and he is a great kid who should be in college .

  37. Name (required)Albertha Mack

    Hello, how are you doing? I have been battling breast cancer for since2011. I am in desperate need of some grants to help me. My job has let me go because I was not back within 12 weeks . I am fixing to lose my home of 13 years because my mortgage company has not been working with me. It seems the odds are all against me . I also need help with medical bills, and some expenses. I also have a 11 year old son I am trying to car for as well. Where can i find some grants to help me?

  38. Sandra Loguercio

    I am a mom of a 9 yr old leukemia survivor. My daughter has severe learning disabilities and ADHD, partially from her cranial radiation at 2 yrs old and 25 months of chemotherapy. The public school is not able to educate her as needed and all of the special school for LD are as much as private college. How can I get assistance to pay for these private schools, which they say she would only have to attend for 2-3 years to prepare her for high school? I’m so desperate to see her happy. She has been struggling since 2 years old, don’t these kids deserve a break in life.
    Sincerely saddened,
    Sandra Loguercio

  39. Ronshai

    Im 16 years old and i was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2011. I’ve got my last treatment in July 2012. I was in remission for eleven months. I had a relapse june 2013. I had to get a bone marrow transplant september 2013. And ive been in remission ever since


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